Students Teaching Students: The SJU Comm Club

Photo courtesy of @SJUCOMM on Twitter
Photo courtesy of @SJUCOMM on Twitter

The SJU Comm Club is the newest club on campus, and it is arguably the coolest. Before you accuse me of (somewhat obvious) bias, let’s chat about what this club is all about.

The Comm Club was founded by three students on campus (Erin Cooper, Justin Russell, and Noran Salah) who decided this school needs a little hub where Communications majors can go and discuss ideas and use their many talents to enhance campus life. The Comm Department is fairly new, but it is one of the fastest growing departments at the university. That being said, it was obvious that all of these creative minds should be brought together to collaborate, interact, and learn from one another.

I’ll be honest, before going to my first Comm Club meeting, I had no idea what it was going to be about. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the main goals of the club is to use our skills to attract attention to all of the awesome organizations on campus. In comm class, we learn everything from blogging, to graphic design, to social media marketing. However, if you don’t have an internship or any other way to productively use these skills, they go untouched. The aim of the Comm Club is to use these special skills that we have cultivated in class to better the SJU community. For example, some of the organizations we are working with currently are SJU Women’s Rugby, Improv Club, and 1851 Entertainment.

Photo courtesy of @sjucommclub on Instagram
SJU Comm Club Brunch Photo courtesy of @sjucommclub on Instagram

Another reason the Comm Club stands apart from the rest is that we are all there to not only learn, but also to share our knowledge. SJU Communications professor Dr. Mike Lyons said at the last meeting, “We wanted to design this department to have students teaching students, and that is what you all are doing here.” The professors are thrilled, the organizations we’re helping are grateful, and we’re having a ball. At the first meeting, someone suggested we should have a brunch. How random, right? But, because we all thought this was the coolest idea ever, our last meeting on Thursday was a brunch; coffee and bagels galore (see photo).

I think the best part of this club is that you don’t actually have to be a Communications major to get involved. Any and all organizations on campus are encouraged to collaborate with the Comm Club to work together to give the group the boost it needs. I mean, let’s be honest, digital media is kinda our thing. We get to hang out together, eat bagels, do our thing, and contribute to the SJU Community? What could be better?

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