LSA Week

Starting on Tuesday, the Latino Student Association will be hosting events all week-long for the entire student body!

If you don’t remember from my previous post about the Office of Multicultural Life, “The mission of LSA aims to preserve and promote the richness and diversity of Latino culture. Campus wide programming, collaborations (both on and off campus), and community service are used as vehicles to educate the SJU community, celebrate and explore various dimensions of culture, and develop appreciation and pride within the Hispanic community.”

In a nutshell, this organization allows Latino and Hispanic students to share and express their culture, while allowing others to learn about those cultures. EVERYONE is welcome to these events, so make sure you stop by!

Day 1 – The Kickoff (Campion Courtyard 11am)



Day 2 – Misa en Espanol/Cooking Demo (Chapel of St. Joseph 4pm/Wolfington Kitchen 5pm)


Day 3 – Restaurant Trip to Tierra Colombiana (off campus)

This event is sold out!

Day 4 – Game Night with LUCY (North Lounge 6pm)


Day 5 – Open Mic Night w/ Carlos Andres Gomez (The Perch 8pm)

This event is hosted by Bridging the Gap and 1851 Entertainment


If you want more information about any of these events, email

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