What to do during Pope Weekend!

It has begun! Pope Weekend is upon us. If you’re heading home this weekend…good for you! But for those of us that don’t have that option, here’s a little guide to help you through the madness:

Step 1: Go to Acme, Giant, or Target either tonight or in the morning to stock up!

Step 2: If you don’t have class tomorrow, enjoy getting a little extra rest (or sleeping all day)

Step 3: Use this time to catch up on work, maybe study for that upcoming exam that you forgot about (You’re welcome for the reminder 🙂 )

Step 4: After you been as productive as possible, consider greeting the Pope on City Ave while wearing some SJU gear to show off our campus pride.

Step 5: Watch the Papal Mass in the Cardinal Foley Center with professors and other students

Step 6: Go to SUB’s 90’s Night on Saturday and watch Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Step 7: If steps 1-6 fail you could just stay in bed and watch Netflix all weekend…..no judgement

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