In case you didn’t already know, this weekend the Pope is in town. For some this means attending the mass, or standing a couple of blocks away from the Mann Music Center. For others this means going home for the weekend and away from the mayhem, and then for the rest of us, it means being stranded inside of our dorm/apartment.

Some are looking at this weekend as misery, stuck on campus all weekend, what horror. I on the other hand am taking this weekend as a time to finally do all of the things that I never seem to have time to do on a free weekend, and I encourage you all to too.


1. Paint your nails- blare some music and get comfortable, because we all know this task is a process, and a long one at that

2. Watch a movie- you probably haven’t had time to properly enjoy a movie, so take this time to fully enjoy that new rom-com

3. Walk to Target- ramen, easy mac, gum, tissues, command hooks, oh and of course some chocolate, restock that food bin of yours, and get in some exercise since the shuttles wont be running

4. Homework- yeah, you should probably do this, and hey, maybe get ahead too?!


There is so much that I am excited to do on Pope weekend, and I am not the only one who is excited and has planned ahead. My humble abode, LaFarge, definitely amped it up with the various (free) activities they have planned for us.

· Pope-corn: music and food will be outside the building



· Popecakes: our lovely RA’s will be making all of us residents some pancakes, stop by the conference room



· Floor Cooking: each floor can travel to Villiger, cook some good food, and watch a movie


Our RA’s and Hall Council are definitely making this weekend special, and food is of course always great. My suitemates and I plan to participate in all of these activities and we hope to see everyone there too! There is always so much to do right here on campus, even if you aren’t partaking in a very important historical time in our lives…

But no matter, a nice weekend to catch up, and finally accomplish all of those little things is a weekend well spent I’d say. Plus, what other weekend can you use all of these fun Pope puns?



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