Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

I recently went to the activities fair, which was everything I expected and more. No seriously, it’s just like the movies, hundreds of tables with people handing out flyers and telling you about their club. I loved walking down each row looking at the signs and thinking, “What am I gonna do here?” College is a clean slate, an opportunity to sign up for new things, and this prospect got me very excited. Probably a bit too much considering I signed up for almost everything…I mean it’s just an email, right?


About a week later I started to receive emails from all of the organizations from which I signed up for. I began to panic as I wrote each clubs meeting times in my planner. How could I possibly have time for all of these clubs on top of schoolwork? I soon came to the realization that college is definitely not like high school, and I cannot join everything. Instead, I had to pick which clubs interested me the most, ones that would not only be beneficial to my major, but also that I would enjoy doing. After much deliberation, and still much processing continuing on, I made a list of clubs that (I think) will best suite me thus far in college. Even though these clubs are what I have chosen right now, that’s not to say that I can’t change my mind. From year to year my interests are sure to become more defined. I might realize which of the clubs I enjoy more than others, as well as something new I might want to try out. I think it is so important to remember that it is never too late or too early to change your mind in anything that you do.


I feel that freshman year is a very influential time; it really sets you up for the rest of your college years. So, just as I did in high school, I wanted to jump in with both feet, make the most out of my time here and really rise above. Though getting involved is fantastic, I have also realized that getting too involved is definitely not the way to go either. It is important to not spread yourself too thin, you want to be able to give your all to what you join, not just be present at meetings. Joining clubs on campus is a great opportunity to not only meet other people, but also improve your resume.


College is a funny thing really; I mean your job is to go to school in order to get a job. Just with every task, you need to not just complete it, but make yourself stand out. As my college career has just begun I like to remind myself, and now all of you, to go that extra mile, because it’s never crowded.


I’ve been on campus for about a month now, and have already experienced so much! I made my very own website where I blog about beverages and wrote my first article for SJU’s newspaper!

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