To Family Weekend or not to Family Weekend?

So, if you didn’t already know SJU is hosting Family Weekend this weekend, as we do every fall and I always get super excited for it. The weather is finally cooling down, many of us are starting to miss our families at least a little bit and there is a lot of awesome programming that makes family weekend all that it is. The thing that gets me every year, though … PEOPLE NEVER INVITE THEIR FAMILIES!


Okay, obviously there are plenty of families that do come and enjoy the festivities, but I notice that a large part of our student body goes home for family weekend or just wanders around aimlessly with no family by their side. For those who have the privilege of living close by, give your parents a call because 1. they may not know it’s Family Weekend, 2. they’d love a chance to see you without getting in the way of class and 3. frankly, they’ll probably bring you food.


My favorite thing about family weekend is that the people who do live a bit farther away can still get lost in the hustle and bustle of the weekend and feel the larger sense of community that SJU families create on our campus. If your mom and brother are just 30 minutes away, but your roommate is from California, why not set up a fam-jam dinner date with your roomie? Your family needs to see you, you need to see them and your roommate needs a little moral support to know they’re not alone. It’s therapy. We’re hitting a point in the semester where things can get really crazy, really quickly if we haven’t been keeping up and this weekend is the time to recharge your batteries and have a little taste of home before we’re just desperately trying to stay afloat in the ocean of papers, group projects and weekend social events.


So what is family weekend, even? (Now that I’ve made it clear that the majority of us don’t participate.) I’ll just run through the major on-campus highlights, but you can find all the weekend’s shenanigans and other opportunities to get off campus here!


And if you still can’t decide whether or not to bring your family, I say leave them home so I don’t have to fight your little brother for my favorite prize at Bingo! ?


Friday, September 18th

SJU Women’s Soccer takes on Delaware at 7 PM on Sweeney Field
SJU’s own Improv group will be opening up for Mission Improvable 8 PM in the Perch. Also – FREE FRIED OREOS!

Saturday, September 19th

Women’s Rugby starts off our athletic showdown hosting TCNJ on Sweeney Field at 4 PM
In the second game of the doubleheader, Men’s Rugby faces our rival, Villanova, at 7 PM on Sweeney Field
Big Money Bingo kicks off at 9 PM in Mandeville Teletorium. Get there early so you don’t have to run far for your prize!

Sunday, September 20th 

Wrap up your family weekend in the Perch to catch your favorite team in some good ol’ Sunday Afternoon Football.


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