Microwaves are Evil!

College has definitely ruined my microwave experience.

Over the past three years the microwave has been front and center on my kitchen counter. That has changed. After spending my first summer home since high school, I had been spoiled with real, home-cooked meals. I can no longer, with peace of mind, eat a bowl of microwavable mac n’ cheese or instant mashed potatoes.

It’s disgusting. Its as if food has been lying to me this whole time.

microwave-memeAs such, I’ve taken to making more of my meals by hand. During a family reunion in August my great aunt gifted me with a lovely cookbook composed of family recipes dating back a few generations (mixed with some newer concoctions). The first time I was able to make homemade chicken noodle soup, or grandma’s spicy chili, I knew I could never go back to microwavable meals.

While my new diet is healthier and more delicious it will definitely hurt my wallet. Not to mention the time I will spend making meals on the stove or in the oven. And with being a full time student and working two jobs I suffer every time I cook in the microwave.

My roommate has invested in a pressure-cooker, which has definitely saved me in the time department. While food is still expensive, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, I learned the art of budgeting. Forming a budget has helped me manage my money and help me become ready for real world applications seeing as I will not always have a meal plan or a parent readily available to make me food.

And now you know why I hate the microwave. My recommendation is that you try to ditch the microwave and find other means for a low cost, less time-consuming kitchen appliance alternative.

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