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The Office of Multicultural Life is located in Campion Student Center room 229. The OML’s mission is to  enlighten and educate the university community at large through programming that focuses on inclusion, embracing and understanding our cultural differences. The OML is housed within the Office of Mission and provides a myriad of campus programs and services that stress the importance of a) student advocacy and campus inclusivity, b) provide mentorship relationships and various levels of advising, and c) develop leadership skill sets through campus programming, workshops, and trainings. Serving also as a bridge of support for students of color, the Office of Multicultural Life is central to rooting students to the campus community. Through programming, the office works to bring awareness and inclusion to the forefront of our university.

This mission is accomplished through the 7 student run organizations, an early move in program for first year students, and a diversity presentation that all freshmen see during orientation.

The seven organizations housed our of the OML are:


ASA’s executive board in China Town

ASA logo   Asian Student Association  

The purpose of the Asian Students Association is to organize social, cultural, and academic activities that are of interest to Asian, Asian American, and non-Asian students to promote campus sensitivity to Asian concerns.

ASA meets biweekly at 5pm on Wednesdays in Villiger Lounge



BSU Eboard and members at a restaurant trip to Warm Daddy’s


Black Student Union 

BSU is an organization designed to:

  • Unite African-Americans and other minorities across the campus of Saint Joseph’s University
  • Provide education of Black heritage and culture
  • Assist in raising awareness in the campus community of the problems facing African-Americans

BSU meets every other Wednesday in Sunroom I at 6pm


BSU also has a subgroup called Here for Your Hair: Natural Hair Group that focuses on self-love, natural hair care remedies, and healthy body image

Natural Hair meets biweekly on Thursdays at 5:30pm in Sunroom I     

BTG eboard hanging out in the OML (I’m the president 😉 )

Bridging the Gap 

BTG is an organization that aims to promote awareness of many diverse (and sometimes underrepresented) lifestyles in order to create a more welcoming and accepting environment on campus! Hence “bridging the gap” between people from all different walks of life!

BTG’s meetings are every other week at 4pm in Villiger Lounge




CSA at Reggae Aerobics



Caribbean Student Association

The purpose of the Caribbean Student Association is to unite all students of the Caribbean and give them a sense of home away from home in the hope of bringing a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment to the campus community.

The Office of Multicultural Life is currently rebuilding the organization and needs your help! If you are interested in becoming a member, taking on a leadership position (this year or next), want to help build a community, or have some ideas and suggestions for events and activities, we want to hear from you.



EOP Chairperson Tiana Pole at the Activities Fair



Expression of Praise

Formerly known as Voices of Praise, Expressions of Praise is a group on campus that is dedicated to spreading the gospel through song, dance and spoken word.

The group knows no cultural bounds as members are invited to introduce their cultural representation of the gospel.





ISA at Linvilla Orchards



International Student Association

The mission of the International Student Association is twofold. The first purpose is to increase the awareness of international affairs on the campus of Saint Joseph’s University and the neighboring communities. The second purpose is to increase the awareness of international students to the happenings in and around the Saint Joseph’s University community.

ISA meets once a month during free period location TBD




LSA eboard at the Activities Fair


Latino Student Association

“The mission of LSA aims to preserve and promote the richness and diversity of Latino culture. Campus wide programming, collaborations (both on and off campus), and community service are used as vehicles to educate the SJU community, celebrate and explore various dimensions of culture, and develop appreciation and pride within the Hispanic community.”

LSA has biweekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm in Sunroom II

There is this horrible misconception that in order to join one of these organizations, that you have to “fit the mold” This is not true, in fact, it doesn’t even make sense. The OML is a place that accepts everyone for who they are and we turn no one away. These organizations are simply outlets for students to be able to express their culture and traditions but more importantly, to learn about others. 


Running Start class of 2016!

Running Start: A Pre-Collegiate Program for Incoming Students 

Oh where do I begin?! Running Start is what set the pace for my SJU experience as a freshman. Being in the program made this campus start to feel like home. When I participated four years ago it was only a two-day program but those two days shaped the rest of my college career. This program not only allows you to meet upperclassmen that take you to find your classes and give you advice, but it lets you meet professors from various departments and have the opportunity to get a sneak peek into college before being thrown into the real thing. The best  part about this program is that the people that I came into Running Start with, are the same ones that I sat with at my Senior BBQ <3





L.I.N.E.S. cast 2015



Leaning Into New Experiences and Situations is a series of monologues inspired by real student experiences dealing with issues of identity, multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion on campus This presentation is given for first year students on the second day of Orientation.

If you would like to submit a monologue, help write the script, or have any other questions, email






Last but not least is the OML’s Program Administrator Ms. Natalie Walker Brown. Natalie is definitely our rock in the office. Of course we go to her for organizational help and planning out the final details of events, but we also turn to her when we need a good laugh, want to share good news, or just need someone to talk to. Natalie is kind of like our second mom and she is what makes the office (and Saint Joe’s) feel like a home away from home <3



If you have any questions about upcoming events visit out website or email




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