What is SUB?

The Student Union Board is a student-run organization that maximizes the college experience by providing engaging events for the entire student body on a college budget!

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So in a nutshell, we are the programming board on campus and all year-long, we plan amazing events for you – both on and off campus – that are either heavily discounted or free! (In case you’re wondering, I’ve been a Late Night Co-Chair for SUB since I was a freshman) Our executive board is made up of 11 students that have a knack for event planning and want to provide entertainment and fun for the undergraduate community.

Why undergraduates? Well, that’s a great question! Our events are specifically for undergraduate students because we all pay a student activity fee. This fee is how we (and many others such as University Student Senate and RAs) get our budget. With that said, I can speak for all of my eboard when I say that we appreciate your feedback. These events are planned FOR YOU, so tell us what you like.

#SJUbyU is the perfect example of how we make sure that the student body gets what they want. We put together a list of speakers, musicians, and comedians that you recognize and allow you to vote for the ones that you want to bring to campus. Your top three choices are the ones that we book! “Student Selected, SUB Approved!” 🙂

Speaking of #SJUbyU………Tomorrow night come see Secondhand Serenade in the Perch FOR FREE. Yup, free! There’s also a trip to the Jersey Shore on Saturday if you want to get one last beach day in!


Now, let’s go over a few things that typically confuse people:

  1. Nope. We don’t plan the Spring Concert. Never have, never will. The Spring Concert Committee is a separate organization that forms in the spring and is run out of the Student Leadership and Activities office like us.
  2. That being said, no we cannot bring Beyonce or Taylor Swift to campus. Do you know how much they cost? Probably more than every undergraduate’s tuition combined.
  3. Also, we are here to create an experience for ALL undergraduates. We have something for everyone. We provide events for the people who have never been to Philly before, or who are super artsy and creative. There’s always something for people who like sports and competition and a little something special for those of you that are 21+
    • If you’re 21 and over, mark your calendars for the Yard’s Brewery Tour on November 21st!


If you ever have questions about our events or want to get more info, there are tons of ways to do that. You could always email us at sub@sju.edu but there are two things that you really need to do. The first is follow us on social media!

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We are available on all of these platforms!

The second step is to come see firsthand what we’re all about. Our next meeting is Wednesday September 16th at 7pm in the North Lounge. Bring a friend and we’ll see you there!


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