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Now that SJU is officially in full swing, you may be asking yourself; what is there to do in my free time? Many SJU students ask this question. Being involved is something that we all “want” to do, but when it comes down to it we struggle to find where exactly we fit in. What is the best option to enhance the college experience? Below I have provided you with options, highlighting some of the more popular choices found on the SJU campus, but remember these are only a few of many options available to the student here at St. Joseph’s University.


Intramural Sports

Do you have a love sports? Do you like the thrill of a friendly competition? Well intramural sports are for you! SJU offers a variety of teams available for your choosing. The Intramural program consists of roughly 30 activities conducted throughout the year. From Flag football to softball the choice is yours. If you are worried about how good the competition is, don’t be, it is all for fun! Whether you are a former Varsity starter or you just want to play Co-Ed sports with your friends then Intramural Sports Club is for you!


Sports Marketing Club

If your major is Sports Marketing, or you just love sports and want to learn the background of marketing this is a great club for you. As its mission statement states “it is a forum to discuss new topics, meet influential professionals, and lay the foundation for an ever growing community of Saint Joseph’s University sports marketers.” This club provides you with a unique opportunity not only to attend a forum where guest speakers provide you with insight into the world of sports marketing and sports entertainment. Guests have included Glen Macnow of WIP. If you want fulfill your passion of sports and gain a unique perspective in the sports business world then Sports Marketing Club is for you!




Radio 1851

Do you have a great voice? Do you have a passion for radio? Well, I have the perfect club for you. Radio 1851. Radio 1851 is an all student – run radio station. Through Radio 1851, you will be the local campus DJ. Having the ability to play your favorite music genre on air! If talk radio is your love, then go ahead and create your own talk show. Radio 1851 provides you with the ability to fulfill you radio dreams. No need to be a communications major or have any other skill, just a willingness to be on air is all that is required and the rest will be provided to you at SJU Radio Club!

SJU Radio

SUB – Student Union Board

If you like being involved in the ins and outs that happen here on campus then SUB is perfect for you! The Student Union Board is a fast-paced, student-centered organization that is always offering something new and exciting for undergraduate Hawks. Involvement with SUB will provide you with the ability to participate in providing SJU with top notch entertainment and events. So if you enjoy entertainment and activity planning for others! Then SUB may be the right choice for you.


Service Learning – Community Service

Service Learning and Community Service provides you with the perfect opportunity to give back. Whether you want to help through the Appalachia Experience, serve a local organization or integrate service into academic coursework in a service-learning class then this is perfect club for you. It allows you to grow as not only a student but as a person following in the strong Ignatian traditions. If you have a strong yearning to give back and provide a service to those in need, then Community Service/Service Learning is for you!


Economic Society

This is a club is not necessarily for those individuals who are academically involved in economics. Economic majors are considered automatic members, but it is open to all undergraduate students. Now you may be thinking to yourself, if your not an Econ major then why should you care. But, when it comes down to it, this is the perfect club for all majors. The Economics Society provides students interested in the field of economics opportunities to engage in economic debate and discussion through student and faculty presentations, providing a forum to not only challenge your ideas, but encourage awareness of issues and topics in the field of economics. Whether you are a Marketing major or Education major the Economics Society may interest you. If you have an opportunity you should definitely check out one of their meetings.


College Republicans or Democrats

If you love politics and want to get involved with an organization that has a countrywide reach then this is perfect for you. This club allows you to connect with government officials, and local political professionals. Learn about what is going on with your favorite political parties, attend debates, volunteer speak out, have a voice while getting to meet those individual with like political goals.


There are many different clubs on campus, all out there waiting for your involvement. So do not just sit there, get out of your dorm, be open-minded and find a club or activity that is right for you! Check them out at

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