It has officially been a week of my first semester as a sophomore and I must say, it feels weird.IMG_3169

I pass my old dorm, wondering how I haven’t yet walked into it, swiped in, and taken the stairs to the third floor like I did all of last year. I walk around campus actually knowing where all of my classes are. I am already a part of organizations on campus and actually ran parts of Welcome Week and the Student Union Board table at the activities fair instead of just walking around enjoying all that the school has to offer. I see familiar faces everywhere I turn, but also unfamiliar faces around every corner of the campus.

And yet, I still feel like a freshman in some ways. It’s a completely weird feeling walking around knowing there are new faces on campus. New faces that used to be me and my friends.

IMG_3154I moved into one of the campus houses, St. Mary’s, this year and I am so excited to be a part of the Romero residential learning community, which focuses on service and social justice. ┬áThe building itself is directly behind McShain, so I find myself cutting through there and walking over the bridge to save time and walking distance, but it brings back so many memories from freshman year (and leaves me to wonder if people think I’m a freshman).

Being a sophomore, I feel like I am able to still enjoy college, while also thinking more seriously about my future. It’s time to start zoning in on what I want to do with the rest of my college years as well as life after college (so scary, but so exciting at the same time!).

Although it has only been a week, I feel like I have never even left. The summer flew by and I’m excited to officially be a sophomore on Hawk Hill! I know there are so many more opportunities and things to come!

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