One Week Down!

Hello Friends!

We have officially made it through the first week of classes! I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted already.

Most of campus will spend this weekend relaxing without a care in the world, but not me. This weekend I am starting Operation: Get Your Life Together. The next three days (including today) will be spent reading, studying and getting a head start on the upcoming weeks. I know its early to start thinking about exams but I really want to be prepared. Here are a few tips for anyone that’s interested in staying ahead in class (hopefully that means everyone).

At the end of each week, or each day if you’re feeling motivated, start writing/typing a study guide for every class. Its been said that you should review your notes everyday after class, but I think once a week is a good start. This way, when it’s time for finals you won’t have to pull an all-nighter just to make a study guide and then pull another one to actually use it.


When learning definitions I typically use Quizlet both on my computer and phone. For the rest of the course material, I either type up an outline of chapters and/or make up questions that could potentially be on a test. I also try to start studying for exams at least a week before they are scheduled, sooner if I can.

Another thing that most students don’t really think about is reading the syllabus. Professors provide this for a reason, use it! I try to be as organized as possible so I print out a calendar for clubs/organization and then use my planner calendar for tests, quizzes, presentations, etc.

Those are just a few tips to get you started. It’s still early so try something new every week and see what works for you. The point is to stay ahead, because we all know that waiting until the last minute leads to…





Start the year off right if you want to prevent this from happening 🙂

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