My Time at Bleacher Creatures


When I began my internship with Bleacher Creatures this summer, I had no clue what to expect from this experience. Many questions surfaced. What will be expected of me? What will the next 11 to 12 weeks entail? What will I take away from the internship?

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All I can say is my internship was an amazing experience and would like to thank Bleacher Creatures for the opportunity to intern with such a dynamic company this summer. It was an experience that afforded me a chance to work with and learn from a knowledgeable and experienced staff, dedicated to producing and marketing a multi dimensional item geared towards sports, entertainment, and toy industries. The experience helped me understand the importance of identifying potential customers by researching and targeting the correct audience through various outlets such as social media, and online web sales. My time at Bleacher Creatures afforded me the opportunity to work directly with the head of Marketing, I was able to see directly how marketing can impact a company and its profits.


We focused on the core goals of the business, allowing for proper branding of the product and its effects on the bottom line. I had the chance to view the inception of an idea, the creative works of the design department and the completion of the finished product. My time at Bleacher Creature taught me the importance of team work, product development, reliable and dependable product delivery. But, the most important thing I learned was that attention to the product detail is what sets a Bleachers Creatures apart from all the others in the industry. My internship was an incredible experience. I got the opportunity to spend time with some great people, learning and observing every step of the way. I intend to apply what I have learned in future endeavors and am very thankful for given the opportunity.



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