The Roommate Question?

Welcome all incoming freshman that may be reading this blog. Congrats on taking your first step in your college career. Right about now, you are at the point of summer where you are preparing to live away from home for the first time. Getting ready for the big move, trying to prepare yourself for the next big step in your life. You may find that you are having all types of feelings. Some that come to mind may be nervous, happy, excited and fearful for this new undertaking. This move causes so many different adjustments in such a short amount of time. One of the biggest emotional adjustments that you will face is the process of roommate selection. As this process begins, you may experience the fear of the unknown. Who will be my roommate? Will they be nice? Will I get along with them? Most imagine the worst. We all hear of “the horrible roommate” story. My advice to you is relax! Yes, there are the rare occasions when, a room change is needed mid-semester but as someone who is about to be a senior I am here to tell you that it isn’t as bad as you think, and in all most cases it all works out.


Going into my freshman year I was so worried that I would hate my roommate, or that I would have nothing in common with him. When I walked into McShain on move in day, I took one look at my roommate and I was not sure if it was going to work out. The guy, I had just met had been living in our room for a few days, and there was absolutely nothing on the walls. There was not one poster or decoration, just sparse white walls. I did have some prior texts conversations with him and he seemed nice, but I really had no idea what type of person he truly was. The whole college life was an adjustment; but now I also had to deal with someone that maybe I had nothing in common with! I quickly found that my roommate had the same feelings about me. Although we did not have much in common initially, we seemed to appreciate each other’s thoughts and ideas and as time progressed we learned how to get along and soon found we were bonding, valuing each others opinions, learning to live with each other and becoming friends.

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If I am going to be honest, there were times when we fought but we learned how to make it work. Instead of being angry at one another we let it go. We would eventually come together over sports, MTV, and even my cartoon watching. Looking back on it now I am so glad we were able to have our roommate relationship work out.

As I said earlier, I am now going into my senior year of college. Presently, I am living in Merion Gardens. This will be my fourth and final year with my same roommate. Freshman year roommates do work out. Yes, every once in a while you have that roommates that you just do not seem to meld with, but if you try hard enough you can make it work. Even though my roommate and I did have our differences our freshman year, our relationship has grown. Our living situation goes perfect together. If you try you can have a successful roommate experience and maybe make a friend for life.


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