50 Questions I have entering Senior Year

With only a few weeks before school, I have a lot of questions about what will happen in the year(s) to come.


  1. What happened to the last three years?
  2. Can I go back to junior year?
  3. Is this really my last summer vacation?
  4. Can I remain 21 forever?
  5. Will the year go by too fast?
  6. Or go by too slow?
  7. What am I going to do after graduation?
  8. Should I go to grad school?
  9. Where I am going to live after graduation?
  10. Am I going to graduate on time?
  11. Should I declare (another) minor?
  12. Can I change my major?
  13. Will I bond with other seniors because of the fact we are both seniors?
  14. Will I care too much about my grades?
  15. Or too little?
  16. Will we still be friends after graduation?
  17. Do I now have to learn how to cook?
  18. Or how to manage money?
  19. Or how to do taxes?
  20. What will I do when I can’t walk everywhere?
  21. How will I visit my friends?
  22. Do I really need a car?
  23. How much in car insurance?
  24. Can my parents help me with bills?
  25. Or with rent?
  26. Can I still get a student discount after graduation?
  27. How will I afford real life prices?
  28. Where’s all my money?
  29. Will you hire me?
  30. What’s the difference between intern and entry level employee?
  31. Will I be hired within my field?
  32. What’s the difference between business casual and business formal for women?
  33. Should I just take a year off after graduation?
  34. Or travel the world?
  35. Or become a Jane-of-all-trades?
  36. Or sell all my possessions and become a free spirit?
  37. How will my life change after graduation?
  38. Will I still be able to sleep in?
  39. Or pull all-nighters?
  40. Or run on one and a half meals a day?
  41. Or avoid all responsibilities with a well-written email and Netflix?
  42. Can I still wear sweatpants all day?
  43. How mature do I have to act in public?
  44. Do I really have to enter the real world?
  45. Will I cry when it’s over?
  46. Why Is college only four years?
  47. Will I ever be happy again?
  48. How many times is it acceptable to come back and visit after graduation?
  49. Why did I ever want to leave college?
  50. Does life have meaning after graduation?

senior year floppyNow, I don’t know what the semester will hold. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to answer any of these questions this year.

Some of these questions I can probably answer by learning how to do taxes and maybe finding a job. But, in the end, I can only hope for the best and enjoy senior year!


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