My Summer Internship…

This summer I have been interning for a local company called Bleacher Creatures. For those who have never heard of Bleacher Creatures, they make plush figures of sports players, as well as entertainment icons. Bleacher Creatures creates each figure to represent the uniqueness of the individual. From there small beginning in 2011, the company has grown to what it is today with partnerships with the NLB, MBA, NFL and MLS with more then 1000 player dolls, along with additional licensing deals with DC Comics and Warner Bros.

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Interning at Bleacher Creatures so far has been a blast! Each day, I get the opportunity to do something different in the field of marketing. Through my internship, I have had the ability to work independently under the guise of the Marketing Department. My internship entails working as an assistant to the head of the marketing department. One might think that working as an assistant, I would be the typical gopher, getting coffee, lunch, running errands but this is not the case. This internship allows me to see the inner workings of a small business. Whether it is updating product descriptions, getting new products set up in the system for the launch, or connecting with potential customers through social media my job is always changing. One of the more unique opportunities I have is the ability to watch a product grow from its inception, the early beginnings of an idea, to the conceptual drawing, to the actual plush figure.

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Though I have not been at Bleacher Creatures long, I have been given some great opportunities. Each day I go into work I feel as though I am growing as a person, while learning what it takes to run a company. The time I have spent at Bleacher Creatures has been thoroughly enjoyable. Each day is a new experience. My hope is to continue to watch this company grow, and to continue to learn more about the business world. This Internship has surpassed my expectations not only have I gained knowledge, which will assist me with my future endeavors, as well as having the ability to network with a great group of professionals!

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