Challenge Yourself

One thing I have to say is no matter what you do in college, you will always run into those hard classes. These are the classes no matter how hard you work you will always end up with a grade of a B or lower. You often hear students talking around campus about how they try to avoid these classes. Whether it is a required course for your major or an elective such as a faith and reasoning course or philosophical anthropology, I won’t lie; you will try to avoid them until the bitter end. I too, fell into this trap. Finding myself each semester configuring my schedule over and over again, rationalizing why it would be better not to take the dreaded course “next year”. I remember thinking as a freshman and sophomore why not wait, what harm can it do, and choosing my schedule for the semester based on what was the easy class or the professor that was known for the sure “A”. However, my philosophy has completely changed over the past year.

Coming out of High School and entering my first semester of college, I had no choice but to take the classes provided to me. After my first semester of taking a “hard course with a difficult professor”, I told myself that this would never happen again. My goal was to avoid the tough classes. For the most part my goal became a reality. I avoided these courses for the longest time. But how long could I continue the charade? I knew that the reality was that in order to complete my majors, I would need to take the demanding courses. What was I afraid of, failing?

Deciding to take a chance, I resolved to challenge myself this past semester by taking an economics course. I knew this course was required to complete my major but also a class known to be very difficult. The course did prove to be very difficult. It appeared at times no matter how hard I worked I could not break a B- on tests and assignments. This was the first time I actually feared that I would get a “C” or run into a “D”, with the potential of dropping my grade point average. I was able to get through it. Though it may sound unusual to some to work so hard in one course that may potentially lower your GPA, I say that it is nonsense. I would 100% take these courses again. I found that even though the course was “difficult” and at times I struggled with the challenges, I did survive!

These courses taught me that it was okay to struggle, and that everyone struggles. This is part of life. Without difficulties one cannot grow. Unfortunately, I did not do as well as I had hoped, my final grade was a C but the knowledge and determination I gained fro my class was invaluable.

After this past semester, some of my friends have asked, would I do this to myself again and my response is absolutely I would 100%! My suggestion is to face these courses head on. Do not wait; start taking a challenging course every semester. There is no doubt in my mind that you will struggle in these courses, and that they are hard. But, the effort you put in and what you get out will help you grow as a person. They say in college you will take some classes where you learn material and other classes where you just learn about life, these are those types of classes. No matter what the class is I guarantee you can get something out of it, and remember it is not always bad to challenge yourself!


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