Sports Marketing… What kind of major is that?

When I am asked what my major is at Saint Joseph’s University, I often receive quizzical looks when I provide the response, Sports Marketing . Many times I get asked why Sports Marketing? Many do not understand the premise behind the major of Sports Marketing. Many times I hear from family and friends “Sports Management?” No, it is not Sports Management it is Sports Marketing. Sports Management as a major, prepares you for a variety of careers, primarily in the area of administration, facility, organization and event management. Where, Sports Marketing is a major in its own right, it is a subset of the much broader field of business and marketing. Sports Marketing focus both on the promotion of teams and their events and tying in promotions of other products and services into sports events. Some of the clients in Sports Marketing may be teams, associations, service providers, or product brands. It is an extremely unique major that you will not see at many schools. It provides an individual with an opportunity to combine business and marketing with the love of sports.

This major provides not only a challenging environment but also excitement for learning. Through sports marketing I have been afforded many opportunities. I have had the ability to interact with individuals I could only dream of meeting. From professional athletes like Jamie Moyer to executives such as the Sixers marketing team. This major has not only provided me with the opportunity to grow as a student but also to develop a network of connections as well.

One piece of advice I would like to give incoming freshman is don’t listen to what everyone else has to say. Sports Marketing is a legitimate major, which can lead you to a successful future. Follow your heart when choosing your major, find something that you’re good at or you enjoy. If you like sports then this is a perfect opportunity to one-day work in the business. Remember, a career will last 40 plus years after graduation. So why not choose a field that will make you happy. Pick something that you are passionate about, and always remember get the most out of your degree!

Through my education in the sports marketing department, I have learned some invaluable information and lessons that I will not soon forget. Since, my first day at St. Joe’s the department has been more then welcoming. Dr. Lord has gone out of his way to help any student with a willingness to learn and a passion for sports. His love of the game is contagious. He, on occasion has been known to a class or two which provide the student with an exciting insight into the business world of sports. If you want a to belong to a major where the emphasis is rooted in a strong business and liberal arts program which emphasizes values and ethics, while enjoying sports then this is the major for you!

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