The School Year is Over… What’s Next?

So the school year is officially over, finals are done, and the class of 2015 has graduated. This now means it is time for summer fun. As students we use this time to relax and forget the stresses of the past school year. Taking the next few months to enjoy time with family and friends. But, now that the school year is over students must start thinking towards their future and the upcoming year. We must start thinking how we can improve ourselves not just academically but also personally. Whether you just finished your freshman year or you are going to be a senior, there is always room for improvement of your life at Saint Joseph’s University.

The first thing to focus on is how can students improve themselves over the summer in preparation for the upcoming year. We need to ask ourselves, what can we improve on? Let’s be honest, we all have made mistakes throughout the semester and we all get lazy at times. The idea is to take those problems and look at ways to make improvements. If you struggle getting homework done because of procrastination then maybe this upcoming semester focus on ways to get it done earlier. Find a solution to your procrastinating. Make an action plan, start small and visualize the future you want. If you are struggling in a specific subject, start this summer investigating how to get a tutor. Search the Office of Learning Resources on the SJU web site, and ask friends who they have used or recommend. Be proactive in the end it will make your life much easier.

Students can also work to improve the balance of social time and school time. No matter how great your semester is going there is always time available to spend with your friends. But, as the year goes on and it becomes more stressful, you may find yourself in the library more often then you’d like. This is when good time management comes into play. Balancing a social life and academics is very important. Student’s should manage their time correctly, create a schedule, read up this summer on time management, that way you will be prepared to manage your time in the fall. A little preparation now will in the long run benefit you and your friends providing you with free weekends to enjoy.

Though the summer has only just begun, students need to start focusing on next year. We have to prepare ourselves academically and socially. St. Joe’s students need to have a plan, to set goals, so that we are able to reach our personal best. It is not just about staying ahead of our competition; it is about personal and academic balance!

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