Coffee & College

Before college, you may think that coffee is disgusting. You may barely be able to stand the smell.  However, once the rigor of college begins, coffee will be a necessity and become your sixth food group. Maybe the only way for a college student that is disgusted by coffee to survive is to wean into drinking it by adding a bunch of sugar and cream to it.  Before you know it you will be drinking it straight black.

It is a known fact that college students drink coffee. This is why there is a Starbucks conveniently located on Hawk Hill. Similar to brushing teeth and taking a shower, drinking coffee is one of the only consistent parts of a college student’s life.

There is a strong correlation between people who drink coffee and being successful. Beethoven drank coffee before composing the fifth symphony. Einstein drank coffee before discovering E=MC2. Descartes drank coffee before coming up with the idea “I think therefore I am”. Without coffee we will not have these masterpiece ideas that we have today. Okay, while this previous information may not be true, I do know that college students would not be able to do as well on exams without drinking coffee.

During finals college students will find themselves needing to consume more coffee than they did during the school year in order to be alert. Throughout the school year, students would drink coffee for its great taste. However once finals start, it is purely for the jolt that it provides. Final exams will leave college students taking any measure possible in order to study the required hours. If consuming coffee through an IV was possible, there would be college students doing it because they will do anything to help them stay up past normal hours to study. After final exams are over, there will no longer be a need to drink coffee. Additionally, after drinking vast quantities of coffee in order to study, it will leave college students being appalled by the smell of it.

The college student’s body enjoys coffee because it is a potent stimulant. My realization is that college students use coffee like a drug. Students drink coffee because it wakes the body up when it wants to be tired. Just like any other drug, coffee affects each person differently. It is difficult to find the necessary timing of when to drink coffee and the amount of coffee that is appropriate in order to be alert. Some students need a cup of coffee to start their day in order to even function, while other students are timid to drink coffee too late in the evening because it could alter their sleeping habits.

Coffee has its own spot in the food pyramid for college students, but it is not just for a quick “pick-me-up” from being sleep deprived. Coffee is great for socializing. Friends head over to get their coffee before their first class to get a lift. They would also take a quick walk up City Ave to Dunkin Donuts after the Philadelphia Eagles win to get their free iced coffee.

In an ideal world, coffee would not be necessary to get by in school. In order to get the most out of the college experience, and especially academics; coffee provides a necessary jolt for students.  Coffee and college students are a perfect combination.


(Photo Courtesy of Student Union Board)

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