“Just my dog and I…”

– The Bee Gees, ‘Edge of the Universe’

Finals week is upon us, which means stress levels are heightening by the minute and relaxation time is vital to mental survival.

p33906570-3I can’t think of a much better way to relieve tension than participating in the Paws for a Study Break program at St. Joe’s. The wittily-titled event brings local therapy dogs to the Drexel Library and Post Learning Commons for a few hours on reading day, which is the day before final exams begin. Students sign in and are then allowed to pet, play with, or even just fawn over adorable, friendly dogs of all ages.

Whether you have a dog at home that you miss or if you just happen to enjoy making furry friends, Paws for a Study Break gives students the opportunity to take a little time out of their studies to give some much-appreciated attention to loving dogs from Therapy Dogs International. TDI is a non-profit organization located in Flanders, New Jersey, about two hours away from St. Joe’s campus. The therapy dogs are trained and registered, as are their volunteer handlers, to visit locations such as shelters, hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, libraries, homes, and schools.

It’s always a wonderful experience when you come together with your friends and classmates and bond over mutual interests; it’s an even more wonderful experience when that bonding happens over easygoing dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Paws for a Study Break is happening Tuesday, May 5th in the library, so be sure to drop by and pause with Paws!


(PS – Be sure to check out the logo on the volunteer t-shirts, designed by yours truly!)

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2 responses to ““Just my dog and I…”

  1. What an incredible thing. Being around pets my whole life, you see the ways that loving relationships can help to relieve stress and issues. In fact, there have been studies done by Mental Health Foundation of the U.K. (http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/help-information/mental-health-a-z/c/cats-mental-health/) found that positive mental health and outlooks coincided with pet ownership and the act of petting. I know of many nursing homes and rehabs in our area that use dogs (for petting) as a form of increase positive mental health. Reduced stress, reduced anxiety and a massive reduction in loneliness can all be given by a friendly pet or two from a loving animal. Great read.

    1. Danielle Zabielski says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Those are really interesting statistics, as well – thank you for sharing!

      Everyone here looks forward to Paws for a Study Break (even cat people like me!) because it’s such a nice break from test-taking and studying. The dogs’ unconditional love honestly feels super supportive when you’re freaking out about exams and grades!

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