Summertime Sadness

 Finals. Projects. Presentations. Essays. Desperately trying to raise grades. Graduation. Living with your parents again.

All of those things are what Lana del Rey was referencing when she sang about Summertime Sadness, right?



The end of a semester is bittersweet in college. The conclusion of fall semester is bitterly cold but also enriched with the sweetness of Christmas and a month break from school. As spring semester comes to a close, students are teased by warm weather one day and hail the next. But the idea that a summer of warm nights, beach trips, and sizzling sunshine is so close is what keeps us all motivated to push through finals.

The general feeling around campus at the moment seems be that everyone is insanely stressed, spending hours in the library, and surviving on an all-coffee diet. During these final weeks of the semester, I have felt that as soon as I finish one project and think I can take a breath, I realize I have an essay due for a different class. Then once that’s finished I remember I have a presentation due for another class. And so on.

My advice: remember every student is in the same situation.


The last few weeks of a semester for any college student is insanely stressful as you try to find time to study for finals, bang out papers on books you only skimmed, and all the while pack up your dorm room. But we’re all going through the same thing. Every student is taking finals, every student is trying to cram piles of clothes into one suitcase, and every student is feeling insane amounts of pressure. And we all understand the temptation to throw away our textbooks and just go lay in the grass when the weather is gorgeous outside. We’re right there with you, just trying to get through these last few weeks.

The end of spring semester definitely marks more sadness than fall. Graduation is great for those involved, but it also means saying goodbye to people we have grown close to in the past few years and can’t imagine SJU without. And for those actually graduating, it means goodbye college and hello real world, which is both exciting and scary.

Aaah, summer- that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility.”

– Darell Hammond 

With each new season comes new stress, and summer is no exception. Some of us may have scored great summer internships through the Career Development Center and be overwhelmed about working in an office instead of Rita’s this summer. Some of us may be a nervous wreck because they are travelling with SJU’s Study Tour and within weeks will find themselves outside of the US in Nicaragua, Italy, New Zealand, or who knows where. Some of us may be staying right here in Philly, stressed about taking summer courses or participating in Summer Scholars. Or maybe some of us are dreading another summer of living back home with Mom and Dad and having all of their new college freedom abruptly taken away and adapting back to living with people that expect you to follow a curfew.

Regardless, every summer is different and filled with unique experiences, but most importantly summer is a chance to grow. It’s the only time of the year that you have over a month to do what you want, whether it be interning, travelling, or enjoying Mom’s home cooking again. So enjoy whatever you end up doing this summer and use it as motivation to push through these last few tedious weeks of the semester. You can do it. And just remember, you’re not alone. 

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