The Final Weeks of School…

If you ask any college student “when is the most difficult time to focus on school?” He or she will give you the same answer, which is the last few weeks of the school year. Students start their academic year with an air of excitement, getting to know your professors, classmates, and reconnecting with friends. The start of a year promises new beginnings. Students are not only focused but also eager to learn. As the year proceeds, focusing on school becomes a way of life. The campus slows down, as the months turn cold, making it easier to hone in on work.

Suddenly, days turn to weeks, weeks into months, the cold gives way to the warmth of spring and this is when Hawk Hill comes alive. Then the realization hits you, the worst few weeks are yet to come. Finals week, this is when the headache begins. The allure of the warm weather draws everyone outside, whether it be for tanning, throwing a ball around or just watching a baseball game, no one is indoors. It feels that school is over, however that’s the catch… it’s not! With beautiful weather it seems no one wants to drag him or herself into the library to study for a final or complete an upcoming project. However, the problem is we as students still have projects to finish, finals to take, and a semester to complete!

The warmth makes it difficult to focus, working on group projects and studying for the final becomes a hardship. You begin to hear a similar phrase “I was going to study…but then I decided to go outside.” The problem is school is still in session, professors are still teaching, now is not the time to slack off. The fact is student’s grades seem to struggle or go lower as the temperature goes up.

When the weather starts to get nice, when the tank tops and shorts come out it starts to get difficult to focus on school. Students may find themselves staring out the window or looking at the clock. So how can we stay focused when spring fever hits? Start small, know your time constraints and decide on the must-do activities for the day and put them in order of importance. Estimate how long you think you should spend on each one. Make sure the environment is conducive to completing the task and most important make time for needed breaks. Breaks should be limited to no more then 20 minutes.

The warm weather does not mean the end of students focusing in the classroom. The year is winding down. However, though it may seem to be difficult to focus we must pinch ourselves and remind us that school is still going.

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