School Pride: the Professors’ Edition

Since this weekend is Admitted Students Day, I feel the need to talk about what makes SJU, well, SJU.

Some would say it’s the campus, while others would mention the sports. Many people find new friends and great hobbies on campus and claim that’s the magis. Some would suggest it’s the offered majors and great academic departments around campus. A few students might even mention the clubs and organizations that have influenced them during their time at SJU.

I went around and talked to people to see what they thought about SJU. And, after a while, I witnessed a pattern. When asked, “What do you like about SJU?” almost everyone I talked to said the answer was simple: the Professors.

Professors here care a lot about the individual students. Classes are smaller so it gives you more one-on-one learning. No one is left out, everyone feels special. The professors are always there to help, you don’t have to go digging to try and find assistance on something you don’t understand.” – Katie Corcoran, ‘16

SJU is really fortunate to be such a small school because that means we have a great student/professor ratio of 12:1 with the median class size around 20 students (there are exceptions of course for some GEP classes). SJU has 297 full-time faculty members, only 51 that are part-time. In addition, 85% of full-time faculty has the highest degree in their field! And, most importantly, faculty members teach 100% of classes (that means no TAs and Student Teachers).

Students and professor work one-on-one
Students and professor work one-on-one

I like the people and professors. Everyone at SJU is approachable, if you have question they’re really cool about it. I’ve never had a professor that I haven’t been able to go up and talk to.” – Dara Driscoll, ‘15

During my time at SJU I have yet to meet a faculty member I couldn’t talk to or approach after hours. And, if the professor wasn’t on campus, I could easily email him or her and they would get back to me right away. I will mention that every department faculty is different. Business professors have a different work ethic and motivators for their students than Arts and Science professors. However, since I am a Communications major I am biased toward my own department, and others agree.

I love the Communications department! First I was IHS and then Chem. I felt like everyone was doing his or her own thing and I didn’t really fit in. When I declared my Comm major I felt like I was among friends. All the professors are so causal and nice. We’re all on a first name basis, I feel like I’m talking to a friend. The professors get excited about what I’m doing and teach with a passion that you can’t help but admire.” – Kelsey Haberin, ‘16

The Communications Department
The Communications Department

If your professor isn’t your best friend, don’t worry. You find that one special guy or gal that you totally click with. My advice: pay attention and ask a lot of questions; the more you talk with your professors the more engaged you both will be in the course and in your success.

The professors really give you individual attention and care about what you do. Everyone is very interactive. The professors go above and beyond for you; they want you to succeed.” – Allie Fasanella, ‘16

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Great things come in small packages”. Well, I’m going to fix it up a bit and say, “Awesome things come from small schools”. Don’t let size be a factor when deciding where to go to college. Don’t get lost among the thousands of students on campus. Stand out; be unique in the classroom. You aren’t one faceless, nameless student to a professor here at SJU. You matter and it really shows. A small school is a united one!

I love SJU! I want everyone to share in my pride, students and faculty alike.


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