In Defense of Campion

I recently have been particularly sensitive to student’s comments about Campion food. I’ve heard people complain about food selection, operating hours, and workers. “The fries are always undercooked”, “I hate leftovers”, “the lines are too long”, “there are no vegetarian options”, “I’d rather starve”… Enough is enough!

It’s not your mom’s cooking, that’s a given, but it is good food.

The final straw was when a satirical article was published in The Squawk, the school newspaper’s April Fools prank, which thanked Campion for getting “to wait in a 20-minute long line for a crusty chicken sandwich served with gourmet shoestring French fries or a piping hot plate of mysterious chewy meat chunks with stale white rice”.

I call shenanigans! Shenanigans, I say!

Campion breakfast

Stop your moaning and groaning. If you think the food is bad now you should have been here when I was a freshman. We didn’t have the made-to-order pasta station or the fresh smoothies they make in the mornings. Fruit used to be only served for breakfast, not all day. And the salad bar once was lacking many favorite-topping options. The sandwich station was laughable and most current dinner options were absent.

A lot of things have changed the past few years. Most notably was that Campion didn’t have special food holidays. Say good-bye to National Mac-n-Cheese Day, National Nachos Day, National Sandwich Day, National Hot Dog Day, National Cupcake Day, National Popcorn Day… I could keep going, believe me. And don’t forget Special Celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday, Easter, Black History Month, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Graduation that hold special meals with fun (and traditional) food options, prize giveaways, and giant dessert tables!

Campion food

In addition, Campion has also become much GREENER the past few years. They have been more committed to making environmentally responsible decisions, such as reusable to-go containers, recycling bins, tray-less dining, and green cleaning. Campion has also added nutritional fact cards at every station informing students of calorie count, fat content, sugar intake, and more to encourage healthy eating.

Another thing: all the Campion workers are nice and friendly. They aren’t nameless, faceless people that just serve you food everyday. Respect them. Appreciate them. Thank them.

I understand your complaints. Eating the same food all year can be exhausting. After a while you just get sick of it, but that’s no reason to constantly complain and be a butt about it. As my mom says: “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.” There are other options on campus: Greens-to-Go, DB, Subway, Starbucks, P.O.D.s, and so on. SJU is also in a restaurant rich area: Landmark, Five Guys, Honey Grow, C.P.K., Overbrook Pizza, Chipotle, Corner Bakery, and more! Use your surroundings and mix up your meal plan every once in a while. Give Campion a break and come back when you’re ready.


If you have a differing opinion, let me know in the comments.

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