¡Es Oficial!

I am thrilled to announce that in 141 days I will be officially jetting off for a semester abroad in the beautiful capitol of Spain…Madrid! I spent one week in Madrid for a study tour Spanish class last summer– and instantly fell in love. Whether we were walking through the town plazas such as the Plaza Mayor, touring the Prado and Reina Sophia museums, or getting lost in their version of Central Park called El Retiro, I knew then that I could see myself living in Madrid. While there I will be completing my Spanish minor and as well as taking the remainder of my GEP classes.

Although I will be staying with my host family in Madrid for the majority of the weekdays, I plan on spending my weekends (and Fridays b/c there are no classes!) traveling all over to get the full euro-trip experience. Recently I can’t help but pass my free time by pouring through travel blogs and websites to figure out my must-see cities. Right now at the top of the list are Lisbon, Prague, Valencia and Athens. Oh and as a proud Harry Potter nerd I will absolutely find time to take my picture on platform 9 ¾.

I can’t wait to both lose and find myself in this amazing trip…and keep up with the blog while doing so!! Carpe Diem!

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