Course Selection…A Tough Time

Everybody knows that picking classes is one of the hardest things that you face during your time in college. Every student wants to have flexibility along with the most optimal and interesting course load. However, when it comes down to it, picking courses can actually be extremely stressful.

We need to take a look at why course selection causes so much trepidation. One of the biggest reasons revolves around pick time. Pick times force students to wait until a specific time to go online to choose classes. Finding out your pick time can either be very exciting or just flat out unpleasant. If you get a great pick time, then you are happy for the rest of the semester, and you have a chance to get those most coveted courses. A bad pick time, means obtaining those classes that are least desired either due to time slot, professor, or content. Additionally, in some instances classes may only open to upperclassmen. Some classes may have a required prerequisite, or accompanying lab. It can become exasperating. You may even start questioning if you will graduate on time. When it is all said and done you may not get all the classes that you want or need. You may simply get stuck with a class, that to be frank “just stinks.”

If you look around the library during course selection, you may see and feel the stress, anxiety, and in some cases anger this time of year causes for students. Many students, if polled believe that no matter what you should be able to get into the classes that are not only required, but also enjoyable. Many individuals think that the university should help you with the process. Universities can make it difficult to get a required class but when looking at SJU, we are not alone. This is an ongoing trend with universities across the U.S. So what can we as students do to ease the stress? Try talking to your advisor or current professors. Know your general education requirements and stay focused on your major. Create a schedule that works and have a back up plan if you don’t get the course you desired. Remember to think outside of the box, talk with the professor of the class desired, try adjusting your schedule to include a night or weekend course, and if all else fails keep aware of time constraints for drop/add period.

Though the course selection may be difficult, you can get through it. Take a deep breath and use the resources around you to ease the process.

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