Finding My Voice

If you know me then you know that I am a member of the campus radiradiologoo station, Radio 1851. If not, you could probably easily figure it out.

I wear more radio gear than anyone else. I have black t-shirts, grey long-sleeve shirts, multicolored radio sunglasses, hoodies, and more! I am literally a walking advertisement for Radio 1851. (I write with radio pens for goodness sake.) I even constantly talk about radio – about my shows, about friends’ shows, about events, about music… I literally don’t shut up.

It has been a while since I’ve been so passionate about something.

During my first few months as a freshman I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I had a few friends and a lot of homework, not a very good combination if you want any sort of social life. A friend of mine convinced me to come along to a general radio meeting one Monday night and I was hooked! I immediately signed up to have a show and quickly found a co-host, Will. Back then the radio was fairly small (it had just come off of a hiatus and was only two years old). So Will and I trained ourselves with the equipment and began producing.

Thus, The Will & Grace Show was born!!! (Only a few people get that reference.)

Anyway, as the year progressed our show became more popular. Our friends both on campus and from home listened. I even had my parents on air suggesting songs a few times. I grew more confident with my speaking skills and witty repartee. It was fun and, for the first time in a while, I looked forward to Mondays.

Sophomore year I became the Assistant Manager of Production. I had more responsibility and more power. I oversaw the production process and equipment training, liaison between departments, and ensure that production is cost effective. I spoke up more because my opinion mattered and other managers/directors listened.

Now, as a junior, I am the Director of Programming (basically I supervise radio shows and DJs). Through marketing, word of mouth, and my crazy antics radio participation among students tripled! Radio 1851 has grown so much of the past few years, and I know it will continue to grow after I’m long gone. Its good to know I was the part of such an amazing process.

You could say I found my voice through my work with the radio. And, in a way, I did.


If you want to tune in, here’s some shameless self-promotion:

The Will & Grace Show
Mondays 3-5pm
“Your weekly dose of WACKY NEWS and GREAT MUSIC!”

Twitter: @willgraceradio

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