Home is where the Hawks are

As Dorothy realized in the Wizard of Oz, there is no place like home. Your hometown will always be there for you to go back to. However, once you move to Hawk Hill, you will find a new family and a new home. Nine months out of the year that I am on campus, I consider my dorm room home. I started to call my dorm room home after I personalized it to make it unique.

hubcapsThe only way for you to consider your dorm room a home is if it represents who you are. My first year at Saint Joseph’s, I lived in the residence center of McShain Hall. When I moved in, I just unpacked the essentials that I needed. I did not think of bringing room decorations that would add personal touches to my new room. My room did not have any personality as my walls were empty and bleak. My room looked like a jail cell. After I moved-in, my room did not give me a homey feeling because it did not represented who I was.

I am now a junior, and I feel as if I have finally learned how to decorate my room in order to make if feel like a home away from home. I currently live in Merion Gardens, a spacious campus apartment. The space allows me to decorate in creative ways. Besides buying posters of favorite movies, music, and shows; I used it as an opportunity to get artistic by spray-painting some hubcaps. While walking on City Ave, you may find a hubcap on the ground every once in a while. I took these hubcaps and found a new purpose for them (as shown here).

At times, I consider my dorm room a sanctuary because it is the perfect place for me to relax. No matter how hectic the day gets, my dorm room is a place that I feel comfortable retreating to. It is a place to escape the stress that school could bring. My dorm room is a place to unwind because it represents who I am.

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