The Struggles of a Transfer Student

Let me make one thing clear:

There is NEVER a convenient time to say goodbye to your friends, pack up your belongings, and start all over at a new school. No matter what time of the year you decide to transfer, you are going to feel like an outsider when you arrive at your new destination. Having recently gone through the transfer process, I can personally attest to feeling lonely, scared, nervous, and mad at myself for leaving my comfortable life at my previous university to begin again at a new school where everything seemed so foreign.

Recognizing that the college I envisioned myself graduating from is not actually the best fit for me was a hard realization to come to. And let me just say that going through the transfer process is definitely not a fun experience.

First, I got to have a very awkward conversation with my friends at my old university that I no longer wished to be a part of their school and the housing plans we dreamt up. After that pleasant chat, I suffered through the tedious college application process all over again: college tours, college applications, essays…you know all that exciting stuff you think you only have to do once in your life. Eventually, all the paperwork was completed, the essays were submitted, and I found myself on my way to starting at Saint Joseph’s just a little over three weeks ago.

I’m hoping to convey my experiences at SJU through the eyes of a brand new transfer student with you through this blog. So far, SJU has proven to be very impressive. Believe me, as someone who has seen life at another university, I can definitely attest that this school is unique. The people are all so friendly, the professors seem passionate about the subjects they teach, and the career development center is absolutely amazing. So by using this blog, I aspire to capture everything from exciting moments like going to my first SJU Improv competition (if you haven’t seen them perform yet I highly recommend it because they are really hilarious) to confused “new kid” moments like thinking the shuttle actually shows up on time.

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