How Hawk Hill Basketball Changes You

For any upperclassman on Hawk Hill such as myself, we understand how this campus changes once it hits basketball season. The Basketball here on Hawk hill has the ability to bring everyone together no matter who they are or where they are from. There is always one thing every student can agree on; St. Joe’s is the best team in the Big Five. In some cases students have a difficult time adjusting to a college campus, but this team helps both freshman and transfer students to adjust to life at Saint Joseph’s University. The basketball team provides first-time experience of hype, excitement, and passion.

Whether it is your first or last time chanting “The Hawk Will Never Die” or high-fiving a fellow classmate you barley know after huge win, you will feel the love of Hawk Hill all around you. This team changes students; it allows us to feel as if we are apart of something greater, more than just a campus but rather a family. If you ask the juniors or seniors, they will agree; this team—no matter how well or how badly they play—changes them as people.

As basketball season starts, you can see a sudden transformation. There is an excitement surrounding students. In every class, you can hear people talking about the play of the team or who will make the most impact this weekend. Sports, whether you play or watch, allows for an outlet for many students. On this campus the Hawks allow students to come together to join hands, allowing them to forget about any problems they may be having in class or with their roommate; all they know is that Phil Martelli is coaching, and the team will be playing.

Watching the team and seeing the alumni return to campus year after year to support their team, no matter how good or bad, has changed how I view my time at SJU. I look around and see the same excitement in the students. They take that same passion and bring it to the classroom, pushing themselves to surpass all expectations. This team will not only change how you view yourself as a sports fan, but also as a student and a person.

As a junior, I have cherished my time watching this team grow through the good and the bad. I have seen some great moments on this campus, whether it be the A-10 Championship or seeing the team reach the March Madness tournament. Hawk Hill has changed me into a passionate fan and a passionate student. As you look around the student section, you can watch everyone growing as fans, a family, and a community. Hawk Hill truly changes all students and affects us in different ways.

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