Yes, after a fabulous month filled with high school friends, home cooked meals, and at least two seasons of (insert current Netflix show), coming back to school felt a little bittersweet.

Nevertheless, seeing beautiful Barbelin as I pulled back into campus reminded me of all the great times at SJU last semester. After the first couple days of classes I was already feeling at home again, and based off of the vast amount of #BackAtIt pictures on instagram, so was everybody else.

As for me, spring semester has already brought on some new changes- starting with this blog! I’ll be blogging throughout the next couple months, reporting on everything from the daily happenings of sophomore life, to exciting events on campus, and everything in between.

To kick off the new year, semester, and blog, I’m getting #BackAtIt with some of my favorite things to do both on campus and around Philly—

Just do it                                                                                              

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

While at home I usually make it to the gym every day, but we all know that once classes get rolling and the work starts to pile on, getting to the gym at school is easier said than done. That being said, I joined the thousands of other New Year’s gym goers and got an LA Fitness membership. I absolutely love this gym, and nothing makes me feel more relaxed and at home than a good workout. Plus if you need extra convincing, you get tons of free guest passes with your membership- so bring your friends and make your workout a group effort!

My Phillyosophy

When we’re not hitting the gym, my roommates and I love to train into Center City. There is so much culture and a quick ride from Overbrook drops you off right in the heart of it all. Though we live so close, it’s easy to get caught up in schoolwork and forget to take advantage of the amazing things this city has to offer. For this reason, I am vowing now to get out and explore more, and maybe even start doing Sunday funday. I recently stumbled upon the Visit Philadelphia website (click here to check it out!), and spent a solid hour pouring through the pages, eagerly picking out all the stops for our next trip.

I can’t wait to share my semester with you, and hopefully get the hang of blogging along the way! However you choose to get #BackAtIt, get out and get involved- let’s make this a semester to remember.

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