Many Biology majors and minors plan to enter the workforce directly after graduation.  The Philadelphia area has many job opportunities for people with BS degrees in science.  Fields were SJU Biology alumni have directly entered the workforce include:

  • Research technician/associate (industry or academic)
  • Clinical trials design and management
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Vaccine production
  • Scientific equipment sales and support
  • Environmental assessment/management
  • Agricultural jobs (crop pest assessment, extension work)
  • K-12 science education
  • Specialty science employment in zoos, aquaria, museums
  • Positions in science-related non-profits

There are several starting places for students seeking a job after graduation.  The key is to start these well before graduation.  First, talk with your academic advisor.  The Biology faculty know of many alumni who have entered the workforce in all sorts of jobs.  They can provide you with information about how these students got their jobs and also how to get in touch with these alumni.

Students should also consider engaging in either undergraduate research or a Biology Internship as part of their career at SJU.  Either of these experiences will help students decide what they do or do not want to do in the workplace.  They will also provide valuable experiences that will help distinguish a student from other job applicants.

The Career Development Center is essential to getting a job.  They will help you write your resume, put you in touch with people through the alumni mentor alliance, and help you find out what areas you might be interested in working in using computerized surveys. They also host job fairs, career panels, and on-campus interviews.  They will be very happy to help you get on the track to a job.

Another place to look is the many temporary science job placement services.  These companies will take your resume and send it out to employers in need of temporary staff in various fields.  This provides a great opportunity to get that first job and have some real hands-on experience in the workforce.  These jobs sometimes also turn into permanent positions so you never know.