Saint Joseph’s University’s science outreach efforts are rooted in Jesuit ideals. We aim to provide our STEM students and faculty with many different opportunities to answer the call to “do more” and “care for the whole person.” Members of the Saint Joseph’s University community who participate in our outreach programs get the chance to interact with the Philadelphia community, learn about the challenges individuals face while building their scientific literacy, discuss the current understanding and misconceptions about their STEM fields with the public, and strengthen their communication skills with non-specialists and non-scientists audience members.

Science outreach programs partner with local community members, schools, and institutions to engage in a community of practice where all members are learning and teaching through their experiences. Programs, such as GeoKids LINKS, Seedlings, and High School LINKS, primarily focus on formal science education bring scientists and scientists-in-training (undergraduate and graduate students) into the elementary and high school classrooms. However, we also support out-of-the-classroom educational experiences for students through Body Adventure Summer Camp and families at the Science on the Hill cafés. While science outreach is housed under the Biology Department, our programs work with members of the Chemistry Department and Physics Department to provide a variety of opportunities for faculty and student engagement with the community.

If you are interested in participating in current outreach programs, expanding existing programs, or developing new programs (e.g. broader impact/public engagement grants), please contact Dr. Karen Snetselaar (ksnetsel@sju.edu) or Dr. Edwin Li (eli@sju.edu)

Madison Honer earned her B.S. in Biology from SJU in 2019 and is currently pursuing her M.S. in Biology working in the lab of Dr. Matthew Nelson.  She is involved in science education outreach in the Philadelphia community through the GeoKids LINKS program.