Species: Platysternon megacephalum (Big-Headed Turtle)
Number of Individuals: 1 (female)
Name: Sauro
Lab Arrival: 1992
Donation from graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania
Markings: None
Natural Distribution: Southeast Asia, Southern China, Northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Southern Myanmer
Status: Endangered (IUCN Red List 2000)

Housing Details

Tank R14: 40 gallon-breeder aquarium
Filtration: One external filter (Aquaclear 110)
Light: Fluorescent (40 Watt)
Incandescent (Clamp Lamp – 60 Watt)


Feeding:  Trout Chow (~ 30ml – 3x/week)


Date: 1/7/2013
Body Weight (g): 610
Carapace Length (mm): 142