Traditional classrooms are just as important as modern lab facilities in student learning.  The Biology department has several classrooms that are used for most biology courses.  These rooms range in size from about 90 seats (rooms 200 and 300) to 12 seats (room 313C) to accommodate the different size sections. While rooms like 200 hold up to 90 students, the largest lecture sections are typically about 50 to 60 students in the Bio III: Organismal, and 40 - 50 students per section in Bio I and Bio II. The Upper-Level biology courses are typically capped at 24 students per section, with some courses, such as Light and Electron Microscopy and Biometrics, having lower caps of about 12 students.  All lecture rooms have internet connections available for use during class as well as built-in computer projection systems used in lectures.

Science Center 200 is one of three lecture rooms in the Science Center, and is used for Cells, Genetics, and Organismic Biology.  This room holds up to 90 students but the largest Biology lecture class is typically about 60 with most classes being between 20 and 35 students.

Most of the courses offered by the Department of Biology consist of a lecture and a lab component.  Thus, the Science Center is equipped with laboratory classrooms that fit the needs of courses such as Cells, Genetics, Immunology, Advanced Cell Biology, Systemic Biology, Neurobiology, Light & Electron Microstopy, Microbiology, and Bioinformatics, to name a few. Each lab is between 1000 and 1500 square feet, to accommodate up to 24 students.