Biology Major


Biology is the study of living things, their form, function and evolution, and the interactions of living things with each other and with the environment. The biology program at Saint Joseph’s exposes you to all levels of biological organization, from the sub-cellular to the ecosystem. This is accomplished through core courses, a distribution requirement and free electives.

Starting in Fall 2020, students majoring in Biology may elect to declare a single concentration within in the Biology major if they choose.
Students may choose from the following concentrations:

1. Microbiology
2. Neurobiology
3. Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
4. Cellular and Molecular Biology

For more information, students are encouraged to talk with their academic advisors.

Environmental Science Major

Environmental Science Major


Saint Joseph’s environmental science major offers you a strong foundation in the natural sciences, which is the basis for understanding these complex issues. You will also learn about the history and study the literature of the movement, as well as the politics that affect it.


Chemical Biology Major


The program provides a strong academic background for students interested in pursuing careers that lie at the interface between chemistry and biology in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biochemical industries.


Biology Minor


The biology minor is an excellent complement to many academic disciplines, providing non-majors with a broad training in the life sciences. The minor includes the three-course biology core sequence along with upper-level courses from at least two major areas in the life sciences, ensuring a breadth of knowledge.


Behavioral Neuroscience Minor


The behavioral neuroscience minor is a first step for undergraduate students contemplating professional, academic and/or research careers in neuroscience, medicine, neuropsychology, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, and/or animal science.


Animal Studies Minor


The Animal Studies minor exposes students to courses focusing on human and animal relations and interactions, animal biology/physiology, animal behavior and cognition, and the role played by non-human animals in the larger world around them. The selection of courses is designed to yield a greater knowledge of and appreciation for animals and our relationship with them.


Environmental Science Minor


The minor in environmental science provides you with the basic science needed to understand the complex, interdependent issues affecting our natural resources and open spaces.


Biology Bachelor of Science with Master of Science in Education (5-Year)

Undergraduate | Graduate

The five-year B.S./M.S. biology-education program is designed for students who wish to become certified middle or secondary school science teachers. It is anticipated that the program’s graduates will be highly competitive in the rapidly expanding market for qualified high school biology teachers.