The Dynamic Classroom

How technology is changing classroom dynamics

The Dynamic Classroom

New ways to interact

As classrooms evolve with technology, we learn and create new ways to interact with our students, and students push the boundaries of technology to discover new ways of interacting with each other and faculty. Providing a platform for innovation to students allows these discoveries to organically develop and evolve tomorrow's classroom.

This year SJU launched two new classroom technologies to foster innovation in both teaching and learning. Zoom, a web conferencing platform, allows students, faculty and administrators, to host interactive web and video conferencing on and off campus through a web browser.


Mersive Solstice, the second new tool introduced, is a wireless display technology that is installed in the classroom to promote wireless visual collaboration between personal devices, monitors, computers and Wifi connected devices in the classroom. Mersive Solstice is currently available in the Library Instruction Lab and Post 302.

Together these two platforms will change the dynamic in the classroom by empowering every individual in the SJU community to connect, learn, share, present, and teach each other in new ways both on-line and in traditional classrooms.

Anne Krakow is Library Director for the Post Learning Commons and Drexel Library. The library is located between the Barbelin building and the Science Center, and supports the academic programs of Saint Joseph's University with books and periodicals in both print and electronic formats, research databases, audio-visual materials, and microforms.

In this video, Anne shares how the newly renovated Library Instruction Lab has been redesigned to innovate teaching and learning for the community through classroom design blended with collaborative technology. Mersive Solstice provides the collaborative platform to work in small groups of 5 for team projects and connect to the classroom presentation system to share with the entire class.


Anne Krakow

Library Director, Post Learning Commons and Drexel Library


Dr. Brent Smith is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Erivan K. Haub School of Business. His primary areas of teaching include marketing strategy, international marketing, marketing analytics, and marketing ethics. Dr. Smith's teaching style engages students by utilizing technology to innovate the learning experience.

In this video, Dr. Smith shares his teaching style, the importance of integrating technology in the classroom and how he incorporates the Zoom platform in the classroom both online and the traditional classroom experience.

To access SJU Knowledge Base articles on Zoom, click the following link.

Knowledge Base Articles

To access your SJU Zoom account to experience this technology first-hand click the following link.



Dr. Brent Smith

Associate Professor of Marketing at the Erivan K. Haub School of Business

Connecting Zoom to an On Campus Classroom Podium

The Zoom web conferencing platform allows a classroom of students to connect in a virtual space for teaching, learning, presenting and sharing class activities. Traditionally, a web conferencing platform like Zoom has been used primarily in the online learning environment to connect students in a live synchronous session.

Zoom is now being utilized on campus in traditional classrooms to wirelessly connect students to work individually or in small groups, then wirelessly present to the class through the classroom podium from where they are seated.

Students can use their own computer or device to quickly switch between each other from where they are seated to share classroom activities, presentations, lab findings, or media pieces related to project objectives.

Connecting Zoom to a classroom podium is easy. The following downloadable PDF provides the steps to host a Zoom session on a classroom podium and connect students to the in class Zoom session.


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