Student-centered Workshops

Digital Media Skills for Life

Student Centered Workshops

I want to create a: Presentation, Video, Blog, Portfolio

The creation of our workshops focus on the needs of the students by understanding their skill set, gear the workshop to different learning styles, and develop new materials to help present information to them in a format they would understand.

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I want to create a portfolio

Students need to have a digital presents in the workforce so guiding them through the process of building a portfolio is an important skill for them to possess. We can take students to a deeper level of learning when building a portfolio of their experiences at SJU.


I want to create a blog

Students need help with sharing their understanding of content during a semester. We can show students how to blog, the purpose of it, and how a tool can enhance their digital presents.


I want to create a video

The toolkit we have created will step students through the 5 categories needed for a successful video. Let the students show off their skills by developing a story to show of their learning of the content.


I want to create a presentation

Through a partnership with instructors, we can demonstrate how a presentation can be a deal breaker for students if the design needs to enhancements. We will come to your class to show the best practices for creating a presentation.



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