Faculty Training

Digital Media Skills for Life

Faculty Training

Our workshops an toolkits are designed to take learning to the next level. Incorporating media in the classroom connects learners in new ways. Learn how to transform your presentations and engagements through media focus solutions to create a more dynamic experience in the classroom and online.

I want to create a portfolio

Are you looking for students to build an area to keep all of their products from your class? We have solutions that can walk students through this process and as you guide them through the course content.


I want to create a blog

Students need a way to reflect throughout a semester and not sure where to start? We can guide students through building their blogs, how to blog, and the purpose of why this tool can be innovative for their learning.


I want to create a video

Are you looking for ways to engage students to a deeper level with their assignments? We have developed a toolkit for students to build their knowledge for creating a video. We will work with you throughout the semester so your students will be successful with creating a video.


I want to create a presentation

How many presentations have you seen and wished they were more creative? We have information to teach students how to create an engaging presentation that will allow them to demonstrate their understanding of the content.



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