The purpose of Saint Joseph’s University Copyright Policy is to provide the faculty, students, staff, and administrators with a basic understanding of their rights and responsibilities surrounding copyright and fair use. This policy supplements the existing Intellectual Property Policy and the Policy Governing the Use of Computing and Network Resources.

As more and more content is available electronically, copyright debates have become more contentious. Recent discussions have been dominated by peer-to-peer music sharing, fostering the perception that copyright is all about what you cannot do. But the law specifically provides for a wide range of things that can and should be done, particularly for educational purposes. Also, the University has purchased access to a broad and extensive selection of “copyright cleared” content that can be utilized to the fullest extent.

This policy strikes a balance between a clear respect for the intellectual property rights of others and the desire to “maximize the educational benefits which flow from the use of copyrighted material in the classroom and other settings.”

To review the Saint Joseph’s University Copyright Policy in its entirety, select the Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions link on the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) webpage.