CCC License Repository

There are over a million titles (including journals and books) in the CCC’s license repository, and the list continues to grow. The following types of use are covered by the agreement:

  • Coursepacks (print and electronic)
  • Classroom handouts
  • Library reserves (print and electronic)
  • Internal e-mail
  • Electronic course content (i.e., intranet and course management system postings)
  • Research collaboration
  • Administrative communications

Using our Copyright Clearance Center Academic License

The University has purchased an Academic License with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). All faculty and staff may use the print materials found within the CCC database for educational purposes (under the terms and conditions set forth with each journal). The CCC website can be found at: This license provides faculty, librarians, and research and administrative staff with comprehensive, institution-wide coverage for the reuse of text-based copyrighted content in both print and electronic formats for educational and research purposes.

Navigating the Copyright Clearance Center Website

  • Enter the title of the item in the “Get Permission” search box.
  • Click on the title and then click on the “academic license options” tab.
  • A green check mark denotes permission to use under our license; a slashed red circle signifies we are not able to use the material under the license.
  • When you are able to use the material, roll over the “TERMS” to review the rights holders’ terms specific to that item. There may be conditions placed on how much of the material may be used.

Important Notes

CCC shares with you those items that you may use under our academic license, and identifies the ways you may share the material with your students, but it does not actually provide the material. You must have a legal copy of the material to be used. When locating the material, there may be more than one journal with the same title; use the ISSN to assist you in locating the exact journal you want. One ISSN may be the print version, one the electronic version.


  • Exceptional Children Journal – This journal is covered by our Academic license with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). We may post these pdfs of the articles directly into BB.
  • Behavior Analysis in Practice – Cannot use this journal under our CCC License.
  • Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for School – Cannot be found within the CCC database.