The use of technology in the educational realm has greatly enhanced the educational process, enabling educators to reach students they normally would not have been able to reach in the traditional “brick-and-mortar” setting. From fully online education to the blended classroom, using a learning management system, such as Blackboard, as an educational tool in the academic arena has become the norm. With each new advancement in academic technology lies increased confusion on how to apply copyright law to the many mediums with which we now reach our students.

Regardless of the means, it is important that each faculty member take responsibility in ensuring that the materials used within the “classroom” are used in a lawful manner. Saint Joseph’s University has taken a hands-on approach to making sure that our community understands copyright law and is able to comply with the law as it pertains to teaching.

This site offers information on copyright law, the SJU copyright policy, copyright permissions process, and copyright training and tutorials.

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Faculty Support

ATDL collaborates with the Drexel Library, Information Technology, Digital Media Services, and the University Press in developing and providing a suite of copyright services. These services address copyright issues pertaining to print materials, multi-media pieces created by faculty as well as by third party vendors, images, audio, and any other materials you want to place in your course curriculum. In addition to the aforementioned, services include:

  • Workshops, online tutorials, private sessions, and group sessions to help faculty and staff understand copyright issues and interpret fair use guidelines.
  • Assistance in the process of seeking copyright permission for multi-media materials to be used in the course space, whether face-to-face, hybrid or purely online. We will also investigate source information to identify copyright-holders and assist in seeking permission and obtaining the licensing necessary for use in the manner described, and/or interpreting fair use guidelines on a case-by-case basis.
  • Guidance on how to find and use materials within the library, including journal and print materials within the library’s DISCOVER database.
  • Guidance on using the University’s Academic License with Copyright Clearance Center.
  • Assurance that the material that needs to reach your students is available by whatever means necessary.

Contact Information

Online Programs and Blackboard
Mary Ann McMenamin, JD, ATDL
E-reserves and Library Resources
Stephanie Riley, Drexel Library
Randy Kehl, Print Services