2023 Staff Merit Awards Winners

2023 Decades of Service Honorees

At the event, the University awards staff and administrators for service, for playing a significant role in the planning/execution of a special event or initiative, for justice activities, or for promoting inclusion and diversity on campus. These individuals consistently go the extra mile to make Saint Joseph's University a wonderful institution.

Award winners within the last three years are ineligible for nomination, previous awardees and their award year(s) are listed below. Below you will find a link to guidelines for nominations and the Nomination form. NOTE: This event did not take place in 2020.

University Recognition Awards Info Sheet


Previous recipients:

2022 Decades of Service Honoree List

2021 Decades of Service Honoree List

2020 Decades of Service Honoree List


Administrative Awards

Kim Allen-Stuck, SESS (2016/2017)
Katie Bean, Student Outreach and Support (2018/2019)
Maria Beazley, College of Professional & Liberal Studies (2013/2014)
Marci Berney, Office of Student Outreach & Support (2011/2012)
Kelly Bersett,  Office of Residence Life (2016/2017)
Jill Cleary, Information Technology (2018/2019)
Mary Ann Cloney, China Programs
Jonathan Dart, Office of Executive Ed Pharm (2015/16)
Christine Hartmann, Executive Master's in Food Marketing (2011/2012)
Timothy Higgins, Leahy Advising Center (2014/2015)
Alexandra Iannucci, Residence Life (2013/2014)
Nancy Komada, Adult Student Life (2015/2016)
Lynn Langnas, Alumni Relations (2018/2019)
Olivia MacKenzie, Office of Information Technology (2014/2015)
Daniel McDevitt, Office of Student Success (2015/2016)
Joseph Montcalmo, Academic Technology & Distributed Learning (2014/2015)
Beth Moran, Special Events (2016/2017),(2018/2019)
Alex Oleykowski - Facilities Management (2012/2013)
Ernest Passarelli, Student Records and Financial Services (2011/2012)
Joseph Petragnani, Office of Information Technology (2015/2016)
Jennifer Rossi - Career Development Center (2012/2013)
Samuel Slike, Director of Online Special Education (2015/2016)
Jeannine Shantz, HSB (2016/2017)
Maura Shenker, Center for Professional Development (2016/2017)
Myra Singletary, Admissions (2014/2015)
Terese Waldron - Haub School of Business, Executive MBA Program (2012/2013)
Megan Wood, Student Records & Financial Services (2013/2014)

Staff Awards

Christine Bater, HSB Dean's Office (2013/2014)
Mary Anne Benetatos, Office of Counseling (2016/2017)
Eileen Brown, Office of Athletics (2015/2016)
Nicole Brown, Human Resources (2013/2014)
Jean Burke, Career Development Center (2014/2015)
Vivian Castillo, Arrupe Center (2013/2014)
Donna Comly, Department of Physics (2011/2012)
Susan DelFra, Honors (2017/21018)
Terese Fasy, Dept of Political Science/Computer Science (2011/2012)
Patricia Gregg, Success Center (2014/2015)
Colleen Klose, Department of Public Safety & Security (2011/2012)
Kathleen MacDonald, Basketball (2016/2017)
Anne Marziani - Leahy Advising Center (2012/2013)
Tenisha McDowell, Office of Human Resources (2015/2016)
Theresa O'Doherty, Bioethics Institute
Phyllis Panichella, Academic Affairs
Dori Pappas, Economics (2018/2019)
Joni Porreca - Theology & Religious Studies (2012/2013)
Cathy Quinn - Food Marketing (2012/2013)
Patricia Scottoline, Office of General Counsel (2018/2019)
Michelle Smith-Lewis, Student Life (2016/2017)
Marie Stortini, Sociology (2015/2016)
Denise Thomas, History (2015/2016)
Kathy Toner - Campus Ministry (2010/2011)
Maren Weisler, Information Technology (2014/2015)