2020 Decades of Service Honoree List (1)- take a list of colleagues celebrating a milestone at SJU

At the event the University will also award staff and administrators for service, for playing a significant role in the planning/execution of a special event or initiative, for justice activities, or for promoting inclusion and diversity on campus. Think of individuals who consistently go the extra mile to make Saint Joseph's University a wonderful institution, especially in this challenging and unprecedented year and submit below.

Award winners within the last three years are ineligible for nomination, previous awardees and their award year(s) are listed below. Below you will find a link to guidelines for nominations and the Nomination form. NOTE: This event did not take place in 2020.

University Recognition Awards Info Sheet

Please use the link below to submit your nominations on or before February 17, 2021:

Nomination Form


Administrative Awards

Kim Allen-Stuck, SESS (2016/2017)
Katie Bean, Student Outreach and Support (2018/2019)
Maria Beazley, College of Professional & Liberal Studies (2013/2014)
Marci Berney, Office of Student Outreach & Support (2011/2012)
Kelly Bersett,  Office of Residence Life (2016/2017)
Jill Cleary, Information Technology (2018/2019)
Mary Ann Cloney, China Programs
Jonathan Dart, Office of Executive Ed Pharm (2015/16)
Christine Hartmann, Executive Master's in Food Marketing (2011/2012)
Timothy Higgins, Leahy Advising Center (2014/2015)
Alexandra Iannucci, Residence Life (2013/2014)
Nancy Komada, Adult Student Life (2015/2016)
Lynn Langnas, Alumni Relations (2018/2019)
Olivia MacKenzie, Office of Information Technology (2014/2015)
Daniel McDevitt, Office of Student Success (2015/2016)
Joseph Montcalmo, Academic Technology & Distributed Learning (2014/2015)
Beth Moran, Special Events (2016/2017),(2018/2019)
Alex Oleykowski - Facilities Management (2012/2013)
Ernest Passarelli, Student Records and Financial Services (2011/2012)
Joseph Petragnani, Office of Information Technology (2015/2016)
Jennifer Rossi - Career Development Center (2012/2013)
Samuel Slike, Director of Online Special Education (2015/2016)
Jeannine Shantz, HSB (2016/2017)
Maura Shenker, Center for Professional Development (2016/2017)
Myra Singletary, Admissions (2014/2015)
Terese Waldron - Haub School of Business, Executive MBA Program (2012/2013)
Megan Wood, Student Records & Financial Services (2013/2014)

Staff Awards

Christine Bater, HSB Dean's Office (2013/2014)
Mary Anne Benetatos, Office of Counseling (2016/2017)
Eileen Brown, Office of Athletics (2015/2016)
Nicole Brown, Human Resources (2013/2014)
Jean Burke, Career Development Center (2014/2015)
Vivian Castillo, Arrupe Center (2013/2014)
Donna Comly, Department of Physics (2011/2012)
Susan DelFra, Honors (2017/21018)
Terese Fasy, Dept of Political Science/Computer Science (2011/2012)
Patricia Gregg, Success Center (2014/2015)
Colleen Klose, Department of Public Safety & Security (2011/2012)
Kathleen MacDonald, Basketball (2016/2017)
Anne Marziani - Leahy Advising Center (2012/2013)
Tenisha McDowell, Office of Human Resources (2015/2016)
Theresa O'Doherty, Bioethics Institute
Phyllis Panichella, Academic Affairs
Dori Pappas, Economics (2018/2019)
Joni Porreca - Theology & Religious Studies (2012/2013)
Cathy Quinn - Food Marketing (2012/2013)
Patricia Scottoline, Office of General Counsel (2018/2019)
Michelle Smith-Lewis, Student Life (2016/2017)
Marie Stortini, Sociology (2015/2016)
Denise Thomas, History (2015/2016)
Kathy Toner - Campus Ministry (2010/2011)
Maren Weisler, Information Technology (2014/2015)