• ASC continues to gain recognition and to be included in many university processes.
  • Parking Fees – General meeting held in July of 1998. Input resulted in reduction of permits for staff.
  • SJU Planning Model – Kathy Gaval and Dr. Frank Morris attended meeting to gather input on Mission and Goals for the Future of SJU.
  • Forum for distribution of survey for Justice in Jesuit Universities – May 20, 1999 Presentation by Jane Downey and Jim Bowditch.
  • Holiday Schedules – Reviewed annually with President’s office before implementation.
  • Committee Representation on University Boards and Committees – recommendation for appointments are given yearly to the President’s office by ASC Chairs upon request.
  • Personnel Compensation and Classification Committee – Joint meetings were held to discuss performance management, salary structure, benefits and surveys of other universities. This recognition and inclusion in these processes was a big step in branching out for the ASC.
  • Middle State Accreditation Review of morale and governance – Presentation on March 3, 1999 by Kathy Gaval and Dr. Frank Morris. ASC has created a forum for communication with Cabinet. General meeting representation was more staff than administrative. Outcome discussion items being followed up on by ASC:
    1. More 2-way communication.
    2. More representation of staff on University committees.
    3. Reevaluation of salary structure/classification needed.
    4. Evaluation of work leading to compensation/merit, link to merit salary increases.
    5. Administrators suggest that an evaluation by staff would be beneficial.
    6. HR issues – later prioritized and discussed with Loren Barsky for follow up.
    • Pay for sick day before or after holiday – approved by Cabinet.
    • Ombudsperson – Director of HR has open session on Thursdays at 11:30am.
    • Overtime pay rates clarification – 36-40 hours paid at regular rates is the law.
    • Vacation policy for FT 10-month staff – being evaluated with benefits in “matrix” by HR.
    • Vacation policy for staff – distinctions from administration being evaluated with benefits in “matrix” by HR.
  • Human Resources – several ongoing meetings were conducted this year that included the ASC executive committee in discussions about morale, ombudsperson, harassment and discrimination policies, payroll revisions, short term disability benefits, awards, surveys on compensation and benefits, salary measurement and reporting, and merit proposals, etc.
  • Benefits Grid – Discussion of benefits has resulted in Human Resources initiating a benefits survey to other universities. A matrix will be completed with results.
  • Thanksgiving Baskets – once again were gathered and distributed by the Social Service Committee.
  • Benefits Fair – created awareness of committees to the SJU community.
  • University Picnic – We made a successful contribution to the annual picnic with the craft table.
  • Ombudsperson – Human Resources has set aside time for issues that need to be voiced to an ombudsperson. Thursday mornings at 11:30am.
  • Structural increases – Meetings with Cabinet resulted in some resolution to internal inequity in salaries. BAC approved a small pool of money for structural increases which were granted in August by VP’s to selected staff members who fell close to minimums for grade levels.
  • Election of Officers – delayed this year until April 1999 but now have a good crew representing administration and staff. Could use more volunteers.
  • Policies on Harassment and Discrimination – final drafts are being discussed at University Council with input from ASC and Faculty committees. Not yet approved.
  • Radio City Music Hall Bus Trip – enjoyed by 80 people; will do another show again next year.
  • By-Law Review – committee has been started and are reviewing document.
  • Recognition Awards – A great ending to a successful year. The Training and Development Committee introduced, solicited nominees and made an award to staff and administration at the first annual Awards Ceremony incorporated with the Decades of Service. Penny Volpe and Pat Bodo were recipients.
  • ASC Executive Committee Retreat – Set Goals for 2000