More information regarding the status of the mural will be coming soon!

SJU/Global Philadelphia
During spring and summer 2020, Saint Joseph’s University and the Global Philadelphia Association (RFP issuers), with the assistance of Mural Arts Philadelphia (MAP), sought proposals for a work of art – most likely consisting of two interrelated pieces – to be installed for public viewing on or near the University’s campus. Together, the companion pieces will constitute the second in a series of Philadelphia public art pieces (the Project) commissioned by the nonprofit Global Philadelphia Association (GPA) and various community partners, each representing one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).[1]  

In addition to its role as an institution of higher learning, Saint Joseph’s University has had a strong commitment to secondary education.  Over time, it has developed a unique relationship with the nearby Samuel Gompers K-8 Public School.  SJU has therefore chosen to participate in the Sustainable Development Goals campaign by honoring SDG Goal No. 4 – “Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

The artwork must be two-dimensional.  Each of the two pieces is to be rendered on a large scale, suitable for open, outdoor public display indefinitely.  Under one concept, one piece would be located on Saint Joseph’s campus and the other at the Samuel Gompers K-8 School, adjacent to the University.  Under another concept, they might be physically linked in some way.  The pieces are imagined to be squares or rectangles of approximately 100 square feet in size, however their precise size and dimensions will be specified by the RFP issuers, in consultation with the artist, in the course of the “meet and discuss” process outlined below.  In any event, the two pieces – whether separate or conjoined – must be evocative of SDG No. 4 and the fundamental human right to education, whether they are in figurative or abstract form.  Although they will be installed in different locations, the two pieces should be seen as inter-related.  Broadly, the artist should further consider the importance of the collaboration and diverse community engagement that will be needed at the local, national, and global levels in order to achieve the goal, as well as the interdependence of this critical human right to other aspects of the SDG agenda.

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