Siobhan Walsh at the at the Putnam County Historical Society & Foundry School Museum

"Working as an intern at the Putnam County Historical Society & Foundry School Museum helped me become better oriented in researching, managing a gallery, and preparing an exhibition." – Siobhan Walsh


"The professors at St. Joseph’s were extremely helpful, especially in providing one-to-one attention on everything from class assignments to creating resumes geared toward careers in the arts. The program adheres to a rigorous level of scholarship and offers a great basis for future studies in art history." - Regan Hillman, Ann Smulowitz Award for Fine Arts recipient, Art History graduate student at Hunter College.


“A key benefit of this program is its intimacy which fosters the nurturing of critical inquiry, a focus on academic rigor and broadening of intellectual horizons” - Alexis Colopy


The Art History Department at St Joe's has taught me critical reading, research skills, writing skills, and how to articulate my ideas more clearly. These are skills that have helped me get in to graduate school and to earn an internship for the fall following my graduation from Saint Joseph's. The size of the program meant I got to know my teachers and fellow majors closely and receive more focused attention. Not only did I find the interdisciplinary aspects of Art History fascinating, I also found the skills that I learned and honed in the major to be universal.