Rebecca Meiller completed a Masters in Art Ed. at the  University of the Arts and is teaching art in Pennsylvania.


Aidan Barlow Vega worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art before joining the staff of the Barnes Foundation.


Juan Arocha earned an MS in Digital Design at Philadelphia University. He works in corporate media design.


Patrick Schwab earned an MFA in painting at New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.


Erin Ryan earned an MFA in photography at the University of Pennsylvania.  She has works as an Adjunct Prof. at the University of Pennsylvania does freelance photography in New York City. She earned a grant to study at the Royal College of Art in London.


Jared Mimm earned an MFA in sculpture at the University of Delaware.


Tiffany Tran received a doctorate in law at Penn State. She is an antiques dealer.


Michael Gallagher became a producer/editor for ABC News. He is working for the 76ers in Philadelphia.


Janine Guerra completed a Master of Arts in Urban Studies with a concentration in Arts in Transformation at Eastern University.


Michael Kerrigan is a freelance photographer. His work was published in ""Alternative Press"" magazine.