Steve Rossi



Before I began teaching at Saint Joseph’s, I was teaching Sculpture in the first-year program at Parsons School of Design, the Sculpture Program and Art Education Program at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and in the Art Department at Westchester Community College. My own creative practice is an interdisciplinary one, and I often work between drawing, painting, photo collage, and sculpture techniques—focusing on relationships between social systems of organization and the spaces that our physical bodies exist within.

In one series, titled the Reciprocal Ladder series, I am working primarily with wood, while using the physical form of a ladder to metaphorically and physically visualize social progress as a collective effort. By creating structures that disrupt the vertical and linear nature of how we understand a ladder to be used, and by implication, destabilizing the familiar metaphor of the “ladder of success”, and the implied social hierarchies that go along with this understanding—my intention is to undermine these engrained notions of social inequality and focus instead on visualizing networks of mutual cooperation and egalitarian social values suggested though the altered forms of this otherwise utilitarian object.Sculpture artwork

My plans for the Sculpture Program involve developing a diverse array of introductory through advanced level classes, expanding into digital fabrication through the use of 3D printing and laser cutting, and facilitating the growth of a maker space, that with increased technical staffing, could begin to meet the needs of the entire campus, not just the students enrolled in Sculpture courses.

Some of the new equipment that I am excited to be incorporating into the Sculpture curriculum include a 17-inch band-saw, Saw-Stop table saw, a sliding compound miter saw, and a FormLabs Form 3 3D printer. Please feel free to email me at

Class Offerings

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Intro to Sculpture/Mixed Media
Intro to 3D Art Studio
Figurative Sculpture