In 2017, our Net Impact student team developed the following description of their work for the year. We encourage all students to read this as an example of the valuable work that Net Impact does, and consider joining us!

What is Net Impact?

On a global scale, it is a network of professionals and students who turn passions into the reality of world-changing action. Net Impact’s mission is to make a positive impact around the world using business as a force for good in an ethical and sustainable manner. Every day the world faces hunger, inadequate healthcare, unsafe water, inequality, and challenges associated with climate change and a lack of natural resources. To solve these challenges, Net Impact has an investment approach with the intention to generate financial returns alongside measurable, social, and/or environmental Impact.

Net Impact on our Campus?

It is our duty to uphold both Net Impact and University standards. We are a student run organization, and our mission is to not only involve ourselves in sustainable initiatives on campus, but to create awareness and educate the student body that ethical and sustainable business practices do have a trickledown effect on millions of people.

What have we done on campus?

Most notably, we are recognized for our work last year centered around the lighting audit in Mandeville Hall. Our members worked alongside R World Energy Solutions collecting data on the business school (electrical, architectural, mechanical plans, energy bills, etc.) since it opened. We evaluated the entire building thoroughly recording the number of lights in each room, which kind of lights were in the room, how many of each kind there were, how many lightbulbs were in each fixture for each kind of light, and what we planned on replacing each light with. We were focused on decreasing the current energy consumption by Mandeville Hall. We were fortunate to present all our information to the Pedro Arrupe Board in April of 2016.

In March 2017, we hosted the Soulfull Project to speak to students and explain their story and business operations. Their mission is to provide nutritious, convenient food to everyone—regardless of social or economic status. They do this through a simple concept of “buy one, give one.” When one package is sold, one package is donated to one of 200 food banks across America. We were impressed with this idea, and are currently doing our best to bring this mindset and attitude to our campus.